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At Diet Counseling Center, we believe, people can control themselves. But sometimes a few things come up about eating food. For example: How much food do you eat? Or how to keep your eating habits compatible with your lifestyle? Or cravings for certain foods that are not completely acceptable for your physical condition but cannot be controlled - nutritional counseling is needed to fully identify these issues.

Nutrition counseling is a two-way interaction through which a client interprets the results of the nutritional assessment with an expert nutritionist, identifies individual nutritional needs and goals, discusses ways to meet those goals, and agrees on what the next steps might be. The goal of nutrition counseling is to help clients understand important information about their health and to focus on practical actions to address nutritional needs as well as the benefits of behavior change. Our expert nutritionists first provide counseling to identify and solve the problem to improve the condition of the body.


Diet Counseling Centre was first established on 2004 with the aim to keep people lead a healthy lifestyle by maintain daily food habit and a proper lifestyle habit. Our expertise and experiences have led to provide clients with a better lifestyle ensuring more immunity through counseling as the top priority.

Setting up a goal and following the required path to reach the goal, the aim in preventing a fatal disease is all part of counseling. Our expert nutritionists aim to provide knowledge and ways to keep a healthy lifestyle, monitor daily food habits and continue to lead a healthy lifestyle. This counseling helps people understand the impact of food habits in their life and how maintaining a proper diet plan can lead to a better immunity providing resistance against sickness. The clients benefit the most through maintaining a proper healthy lifestyle. With providing proper diet plans, we also provide one on one counseling, couple counseling, family counseling, group counseling, adolescent counseling and also mental counseling providing counseling for depression and stress management. We also keep tabs on all counseling plans and organize a follow-up plan and a diet plan.

One-on-one counseling

Our one-on-one counseling mainly focuses on a proper meal-planning and nutritive value which improves your health, metabolism, food-habit and daily lifestyle. Our counseling consists of taking account of your food consumption habit alongside your daily habits of day-to-day work. For example, your relation with specific food items, foods that you are most comfortable to eat, foods that have become a regular for you. We provide a diet plan after understanding your need and ease of access, the foods that represents your physical and psychological needs. To lead a healthy lifestyle, one must follow certain goals and align their lifestyle according to those goals.

Couple counseling

The name itself entails what this counseling session is all about. Every person is different to one another. But when two people live under the same roof their preferences are shown. Some people are cautious rather than the other. Having to set an eye for a comfort space and ignoring the side effects because of it can result in an unforeseen event not worth to occur. Improving food habits, keeping anger in check, improving longevity, keeping mental health in check and improving old habits and making new habits prolonging a healthy lifestyle is all part of this couple counseling session. Our first session which lasts about 1-1.30 hours mainly consists of understanding your daily food habits and health issues and future aspiring goals. Our follow-up counseling is later on consisted whenever it is needed. Your daily lifestyle and food habits can also help you achieve a proper understanding with your mental health improving its health and thinking capacity. Your one decision to improve your food habits and lifestyle can help you change your bad habits, gain a much better fitness and a peaceful and strong mindset.

Family counseling

Family consists of people of different ages living under the same roof. Designing a diet plan where it works for the whole family is not easy to come around specially when there is someone who is required to eat certain foods or someone who is just a child. Our primary initiative is to enable a healthy and positive food habit that can guide the younger generations for the rest of their lives. We design a very diversified plan taking account of all the different ages of people alongside their habits in the family starting from the youngest to the oldest. Which leads to a certain knowledge about maintaining diet and help your family grow into a very health cautious and sustainable lifestyle. Our expert nutritionists are always aiming to provide required follow-ups from time-to-time for you lead a healthy lifestyle. Proper food habits and counseling can also help to maintain healthy lifestyle at a much cheaper rate.

Corporate group counseling

We provide services consisting of nutrition seminars, nutrition tips, monthly screening, different food and advices when needed. One of our team of nutritionists will help your employees receive proper guidance regarding the proper need to maintain a healthy diet and will always ready to provide any required help whenever needed. The correct knowledge about food and diet control can help employees maintain a consistent work life while also keeping their health in perfect condition. We provide a proper environment to ensure the employees are well aware of the importance of their health and its concerns and also provide knowledge how they can keep it in shape and improve their work life.

Adolescent difficulties and preventions counseling

Adolescent age period is one of the most important time periods in a person’s life. This is the age were a person goes through psychical, mental and sociological changes all at once. This is an age where a person often seems to be at a loss of words when it comes to maintaining a lifestyle. Everyday seems uncertain to them. Our counseling helps parents keep a proper understanding with their growing children’s and build a relationship with them that motivates to prosper for a brighter future. Through counseling we monitor changes in behavior, self-dependency, personal relationships, problem solving skills and decision-making ability.

Depression and stress management counseling

Stress is the result of physical or mental health’s reaction to certain problems of topics. Mental pressure is also a severe reason for stress. Our counseling concentrates on the food which keeps the body energized and help regain lost strength giving the person a chance to prevent mental health issues and continue a healthy life. Our counseling showcases how diet, food and lifestyle can leave a large impact on the human body both physically and mentally. This counseling helps and provides support to the people who are in stress and needs to keep their mental health in check.

Our comprehensive nutrition programs are based on:

Dietary counseling is the most important part of the diet counseling center. Usually, a few experienced nutritionists do pre-counseling and Principal counseling for a patient. Since 2004, this organization has been providing solutions for diagnosing and curing diseases through counseling in the same manner.

Whatever your challenge is, we’ll help you manage it.

High blood pressure
Kidney and GI issues
Eating Disorders
Dietary intolerances
Food allergies & sensitivities
and more

The diet plan acts as a bespoke template to steer your eating behavior, exercise, and lifestyle management toward optimal health and well-being. Most people associate diets with short-term weight loss and restrictive food intake. However, a diet plan is tailored to an individual’s health status, weight, and lifestyle, along with their health goals.

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Did you know that our nutritionists' team conducts a wide variety of workplace wellness nutrition seminars, nutrition workshops, corporate lunch and learn presentations, and presentations for sports teams? and clubs and more?
You can also reach us via- Mobile no. WhatsApp, email
Did you know that our nutritionists' team conducts a wide variety of workplace wellness nutrition seminars, nutrition workshops, corporate lunch and learn presentations, and presentations for sports teams? and clubs and more?
You can also reach us via- Mobile no. WhatsApp, email


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