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Is it possible to lose weight by not eating?

To lose weight, selecting foods for a balanced diet intake is crucial. This results in losing unnecessary weight without any side effects. For example, some foods add weight whereas some foods help lose weight. When somebody gains weight the volume of the stomach increases along with the volume of the body. Therefore, the hunger tendency remains. So, when foods are eaten the intake quantity will rise too. At a particular stage, you can no longer follow the less food-eating schedule. Nonetheless, one thing should be remembered, the way the body gains weight it does not lose weight in the same way. Symptoms like sunken eyes, hollow jawlines, protruding throat bones, and less smooth and broken skin might be caused because of too little food intake. That is why, we should not stop eating or drastically eat less to lose weight. Far from doing this, we should eat as much food as our body needs, no more no less. This means, growing the habit of eating foods with fewer calories, especially at a specific time of the day and at least six times a day.

Why you should eat heartily in the morning?

Have some more food compared to the rest of the day. Most of the people are irregular in morning food intake, majorly due to rush. School students go to their schools skipping breakfasts because of hurry. Most of the office goers go to their offices either not eating breakfast or eating much less than necessary. In addition, the homemaker women remain so busy preparing and serving food to their children and spouses that they simply forget their own breakfasts. Acidity appears as a common malice as the consequent effect of all these malpractices. Weight gain or loss, uncontrolled diabetes, and cardiac problems are all related to this. If we analyze our society’s present lifestyle, we will notice that whether at home or outside most of the work pressure remains tremendous till noon. The pressure decreases after the noontime. As the stomach remains empty in the morning, and food is taken after all the important chores are finished, noontime arrives after morning, meanwhile. The body naturally becomes very hungry following so long fasting after finishing all the work done. As a result, intentional or unintentional food intake surges manifolds. The excessive food taken, especially in the midday, works very little for the body, accumulates in the body as surplus fat, and results in obesity. Little or more whatever the food intake may be, that food needs to be properly assimilated in the body. Only then the body will remain healthy. The body will be sound, more capable, and have the capacity to preserve stamina for a longer time. To keep the body healthy taking more food before work doesn’t cause any harm. In today’s busy schedule growing a habit of taking copious amounts of food in the morning, eating the least during midday, and having a moderate meal at night is essential. Moreover, it should be noted that dinner is taken at least two to two and half hours before going to bed, and time after dinner is not spent sitting or lying idly around. Taking a specific amount of food in the morning along with twenty minutes of exercise provides a human body with up to sixteen hours of continuous physical work capability.

How healthy is it to have a feast in midday?

Especially in the South Asian region, the midday feast is a long tradition. Copious eating at midday after having a meager meal in the morning puts a lot of pressure on the stomach. For this reason, the body becomes lethargic and tired. The propensity for work wanes and we feel like taking rest. Heavy eating in midday, and siesta or leisure for a longer period is one of the major reasons for excessive weight gain. This is why the amount of midday food intake should be the least in a day. The reason is after the midday workload usually decreases; therefore, the rate of calorie burn also falls. So, excessive calorie intake and the consequent insufficient calorie burn results in fat transformation which increases body weight. Therefore, food intake during midday meals should be the least among all the meals in a day.

Want to lose weight by fasting at dinner?

While controlling their diet most people refrain from dinner at night or eat only vegetables. If this goes on day after day, complications like acidity, heartburn, low pressure, etc. will show up. It should be kept in mind that only proper food eating and proper calorie burning can contribute to controlling weight. Skipping dinner deprives the body of food for a long time whereas the digesting process inside the body still carries on. As a result, the preserved nutrients in the body are used up causing physical counteraction, and the body becomes weak. So, the system of three meals compatible is with the modern lifestyle, and sufficient food intake can help in keeping the weight under desired control. Likewise, weight loss is also possible.

An hour-long walk in the morning cannot keep diabetes under control?

In the blood of diabetic patients, the quantity of sugar is higher even when normal because the insulin secretion is lower. Therefore, those who use up or burn more glucose are more susceptible to bringing the glucose in the blood rapidly within the normal limit. The diabatic patients who walk for an hour in the morning, yet do not engage in any kind of other physical movements throughout the day cannot bring their blood glucose level control quite easily. Therefore, little, or more physical movements throughout the day along with food control must be maintained aligning with the lifestyle. This means the calorie has to be used up through regular chores. Following this method makes it possible to keep any manageable physical complications under control.

Hair fall – what to do?

The unpleasant truth is people of all ages– young, and old, boys and girls alike are affected by hair greying and hair fall. However, this unwanted phenomenon is linked to food habits too. Most people take E-caps to prevent hair fall. There is no scientific foundation for this practice. Rather, vitamin overdose is harmful to the body. Instead of self-dieting, it is necessary to consult a nutrition specialist. The amount of iron, essential fatty acids, and protein needs to be increased in daily meals to prevent hair fall. The habit of eating sea fishes three days a week and mixed nuts also needs to be formed. Those who are vegetarian can also reduce their hair fall by taking food following proper methods. They can add different nuts, grams, beans, chickpeas, etc. to their diet as better proteins. Alongside proper food intake, excessive anxiety must be avoided and doctors should be consulted if there is anemia. Consider problems as obstacles to which a solution must be found.

Does skin become rough if weight is reduced?

Many says that the skin is becoming rough, hair is falling because of dieting. If dieting is not done in a proper method, these types of problems will certainly manifest. It should be kept in mind that all kinds of food ingredients are necessary in sufficient amount to serve the purpose of the body. There are dieting which create deficiency of nutrients in the body through less food intake. This creates the possibility of rough skin. For example, fat can be taken but that should be unsaturated fat like fish, olive oil, sunflower oil, soyabean oil, and different types of nuts. Five to six portions three or four times a day. Habit of eating different native seasonal fruits should be grown too. Inclusion of vitamin C and vitamin A in regular diet decreases the possibility of skin roughening visibly. Most important issue is that proper free hand exercise alongside diet never produce any negative effect on the skin.

How appropriate is fast-food for children?

Among today’s children consuming fast-food has turned into a fashion. As if capability to mention costly fast-food or fast-food joint is a matter of classiness. These are huge mistakes. Recently children obesity has increased manifolds due to the habit of fast-food consumption. The reason is that different salts are used in fast foods to increase their tastes to the children which, if taken by a child for three days consecutively, grows an addiction among them. Any kind of addiction is harmful. If that is fast food then it is just beyond words. Because in these saturated fatty acids, salts, and other taste enhancers there is but little nutrition. Addiction to these types of food decreases a child’s taste for other natural foods. Therefore, children refuse to eat nutritious foods like milk, eggs, and vegetables. This causes malnutrition in them. This is why if children are habituated to home foods and can realize the harms of fast foods from their childhood, this problem can be resolved. The habit of regular fast-food consumption is never acceptable.
The result of the survey on fast-food consumption among children.

Recently a survey has been conducted on fast food consumption among children for the first time. With financial aid from the National Public Health Nutrition Organization, The International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR, B) conducted this survey in seven city corporations.

In this survey data from 4100 children aged 5 – to 18 and their mothers in 207 wards in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Rangpur, and Barisal city corporations. The survey was conducted till 1 May 2013. In the urban regions, 10% of children are victims of excessive weight and 4% of children are suffering from obesity. In Dhaka city, this rate is 14% and 7% respectively. This rate is the highest in Dhaka city. It is the lowest in Rangpur where the rates of children affected by excessive weight and obesity are 6 percent and 1 percent respectively. 70 percent of the children affected by excessive weight and obesity are aged between 5 to 12 years. The rest 30 percent are aged between 13 to 18 years. However, excessive weight and obesity are equally ratioed in both boys and girls. The number of excessively weighted and obese children is higher in educated families. This predicament is comparatively lower in families that have studied below class five than those that have studied beyond class ten.

The following health problems are identified by analyzing the data from the survey.

Urban areas:
In Dhaka City 21% of children are obese and their physical activity is low. 44% of children of 20% of higher-income families are obese. 4% of children of 20% of lower-income families are obese.
Games and Sports: children spend much less time in a day or in a week in physically laborious activities like playing football or volleyball. In educational institutions, there are physical training classes for 94% of children. However, 62% of children participate in these classes.
Food habits: more than half of the children included in the survey consume snacks dipped fried in oil like singara, samosa, chop, beguni, and penyaju more than three to four times a week. On average, 20% of children eats fast foods like pizza, burger, fried chicken, or these kinds once in a week.

Rural areas:
Although there is no citation of information from the rural area in the above survey, in a survey conducted by Dhaka University shows that 3% of children in the rural area are victims of obesity.
Health problems due to obesity: many are affected with diabetes due to the decrease in active physical capability. The risk of heart disease and high blood pressure is on the rise. Accidents like strokes are also occurring. Even hepatitis and rheumatism are also occurring.

Ways to prevent and remedy: to prevent obesity, balancing food habits with lifestyle is the only way out. Rather than watching television and playing video games at a stretch, children and teenagers should be encouraged to play in the open fields. The habit of walking in the nearby parks should be grown. In addition, providing newborn babies with colostrum within the first hour of birth and ensuring breastfeeding only of the babies for the full six months following their births need to be encouraged. When given extra foods the children should be made used to homemade foods. Homemade school tiffin is healthy for the children. Children should be kept away from foods with too much oil, fat, meat, and carbohydrates (fast foods).

My tummy is growing working sitting on chairs.

Most job holders have to do deskwork. Officials have to work for 7 – 8 hours sitting on chairs, especially in different banks, corporate offices, counseling centers, and call centers. The possibility of a potted tummy won’t be there if some rules are followed to sit on a chair. The back should be in an upright and straight position while sitting on a chair. We should never sit hunching forward or bending our backs. When inhaling we should be cautious that it doesn’t reach our tummy. It should reach just our chest. The tummy should always be pulled inside whenever in a sitting, or standing position, or while walking. Sometimes we can hang our hands on both sides of the chair. If we follow these postures our tummy will not grow even if we work for a long time sitting on chairs. This means we have to increase our movement while sitting.

Why should patients with high blood pressure or heart patients with high blood pressure be cautious in the morning?

In most cases, it is observed that patients who have high blood pressure or heart patients with high blood pressure are attacked by stroke in the morning. This is because during waking up the blood circulation becomes faster in the body. For this reason, these patients should be careful while waking up in the morning. Rather than hurrying to get up from bed they should remain seated for some time, which means at least 10 seconds. Then both feet should be placed on the ground. After this, they should stand up on both their feet slowly and start taking steps. Hypertension and cardiac patients should never be called out loudly in their sleep or pushed to wake up. All kinds of anxiety should always be kept at bay. In this situation, one can practice counting the hands of a clock. This means how the second hand of a wall clock travels in a circle to make a minute, should only be followed visually. Special care should be taken to ensure a sound sleep. For this, the savasana should be practiced every night before sleeping.

What should be done to increase the height of my child?

Usually in our country, the height of boys increases till 18 years and the height of girls increases till 15 years of age. Height is mostly genetic. Yet it is also linked to nutrition and food. The children who receive a sufficient amount of protein since birth, their body structure and height become better. In addition, swimming, and cycling help in height increase. In the consumption of food, white of eggs, milk, corn, flour, maze, sea fish, small fish, mushrooms, lever, pulses, banana, broccoli, cheese, yogurt, popcorn, beans and bean pods, jackfruit stones, bits, soymilk, soy protein biscuits, guava, noodles, pasta, local fruits, river fish, local chicken, red amaranth, watermelon, gourd, pumpkin, etc help a lot.
Transforming food habits by complying with the work schedule is essential.

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Did you know that our nutritionists' team conducts a wide variety of workplace wellness nutrition seminars, nutrition workshops, corporate lunch and learn presentations, and presentations for sports teams? and clubs and more?
You can also reach us via- Mobile no. WhatsApp, email


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