Sonia Shormin Khan

Assistant Nutritionist

Sonia Shormin Khan is an Assistant Nutritionist in Diet Counseling Centre with a Masters Degree in Food & Nutrition from the College of Home-Economics in Dhaka University. Her vision is to gain practical knowledge on nutritional assessment in all segments such as food/calorie intake, diet plan, counseling, creative and effective menu and recipe plan, assists and monitors patients/clients in need of assistance using correct dietary plan in an enjoyable and respectful manner. She is also dedicated on preparing, demonstrating, assembling, compiling of recipes and menus depending on the type of diet therapy given by the principal nutritionist. She is also very good in monitoring and maintaining cleanliness, order, receive, stock maintain and regular inventory of ingredients and kitchen supplies. She is skilled to uphold the food service operations such as preparing, scrutinizing and ensuring secure packaging and deliveries. Her interest of working on nutritional research and food/ nutrition related publications is appreciative. She has indisputable experiences of variety nutrition related campaigns in schools, official institutions, hospitals and so on.
She has got a tremendous experience by completed the self-managed academic research on: Bacterial status & hygienic practices of Hotels & Restaurants of Dhaka City (Academic Dissertation -2005). She also did the term paper on nutritional assessment & economical condition of poor women (Age between 20-50) of urban slam area.
She has the memberships of Bangladesh Breastfeeding Foundation (BBF) and Bangladesh National Nutrition Council (BNNC).