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Pregnancy is the most special moment for a woman because this is the period of immense joy coupled with excitement. As mother’s nutrition is linked to fetal development and healthy birth weight, special care and attention are needed during this period. Keeping this word in mind, our best nutritionist group has been conducting a training on pregnancy nutrition since 2004 and this training is directly guided and supervised by our CEO and chief nutritionist. This training helps you to gather knowledge not only about pregnancy nutrition, also pregnancy related complication and its solution. Therefore, you can modify your food habit and achieve ideal body weight during pregnancy. We also provide guideline about gestational diabetes and obesity in pregnancy and help you to learn how to control and manage this weight gain without halting your baby’s growth and weight. Caring during and after pregnancy will also cover under this training course. This helps you to acquire knowledge about caution after delivery, removing stretch marks, nipple’s care and appropriate breastfeeding method. The training is also designed to provide knowledge about the management of obesity in lactation period without hampering your breast feeding. As a alternative treatment system, we provide this training from our centre, the best diet solution centre.

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