Fees of our deferent services

Services name Fees
For Healthy weight (without disease) BDT 4,000/- (for lifetime diet and lifestyle planning)
Weight gain (individual) BDT 4,000/- (for 2 months- follow up every 15 days)
Child nutrition (2-5 yrs) for 2 months BDT 4,000/- (fortnightly follow up with mother)
Child nutrition (from year of above 5 to 10 yrs) for 2 months BDT 4,000/-(fortnightly follow up with mother)
Adolescent nutrition (11-15 yrs) BDT 10,000/- (follow up with mother or caregiver upto 16 year)
Obesity weight reducing package- 1 (reduce 10-12 kg /2 months) BDT 8,000/- (fortnightly follow up)
Obesity weight reducing package- 2 (reduce 20 kg /2 months) *** BDT 15,000/- (fortnightly diet plan modification and follow up)
Obesity reducing package- 3 (reduce 35-40 kg in 6 months)*** BDT 25,000/- (monthly plan modification + fortnightly follow up)
Obesity with any 3 complications (2 months) BDT 8,000/- (fortnightly follow up and monthly plan modification)
Couple Counseling & diet plan (2 months) BDT 8,000/- (same health condition)
BDT 10,000/- (different health condition)
Family counseling (up to 3 person for 2 months) BDT 10,000/- (fortnightly follow up)
Phone counseling (only outside Dhaka district for 2 months) BDT 4,000/- (fortnightly follow up)
Home visit (for senior citizens, disable or others) BDT 10,000/- any complications for 1st visit
(every next home visit 5000/-)
Counseling and diet plan for foreigner (reduce 10-12 kg /2 months) BDT 7500/- (fortnightly follow up)
Check Nutritional Health status (Health problem identification) BDT 1,000/-
Cooking course for healthy life and living (each course) BDT 5,000/-
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