Adolescent nutrition, health &
mental awareness training


Adolescence is a particularly unique period in life because it is a time of intense physical, psychosocial, and cognitive development. During adolescence there is a high incidence of nutritional deficiencies and poor eating habits lead to consequences in later years including osteoporosis, obesity, hyperlipedemia, sexual maturation delays, and final adult height, eating disorders etc. This course helps the adolescents – grow their good food habits, improve mental health for healthy lifestyle.

Course contents:

Importance food pyramid, personal hygiene, improve mental health and self concept, developing keep body fit.


Students of 9th and 10th class

Course duration:

3 days (3:00-5:00 pm) alternative day / week at centre. If school compound 6 days (any class time)/ per day

Course fee:

BDT 4000/-

Discount facilities:

at least 25 students group (upto BDT 500/-)

Class taken:

Expert nutritionists and Nutrition Professors.

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